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Art Classes

It has been my great privilege to promote art to the younger generation and help them tap into their creative self. My classes are very traditional in their nature as I strive to lay the foundation right. We start off by practicing drawing straight lines, perfect circles, and then move into sketching objects and so on. Once the foundation is laid right then you can build on it as much as you desire. Once the students have mastered their sketching skills then they move on to using paint and colors. 

The most convenient time for the existing students is 7 - 8 pm on Tuesday every week. You can join us if the time works for you. If not, a new class will only begin if there is demand from at least five students to start in a particular timeframe.

Please feel free to call me for more information at 628 777 5490 or send an email to
I accept cash, check, Zelle, and Paypal

Mohabbat Ahmadi Art Classes
Mohabbat Ahmadi Art Classes
Mohabbat Ahmadi Art Classes

images from a special art project  for a group of 35 Junior Youth in Danville, CA